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God’s Servant, Rev. Paul Johson Seadey and the entire ministry welcomes you to Glowing Light Church International – Horsemen Cathedral. 

Our vision is to provide the necessary tools and environment for transforming footmen into horsemen. By the Grace of God, we consistently encounter the manifestation of the promises of God because we are built upon the foundations of Prayer and Revelations from the Word of God. 

Expect a testimony as you fellowship with us in God’s presence. God bless you!

  1. 190207 - Prayer Moments Rev. Paul Johnson Seadey 1:04:25
  2. Strategic Prayers for Restitution Rev Paul Johnson Seadey 39:45
  3. 9 Minute Strategic Prayers against The spirit of Rejection - with Rev Paul Johnson Seadey Rev Paul Johnson Seadey 10:33
  4. Destroying Self-imposed Curses Rev. Paul Johnson Seadey 33:36
  5. Fiery Prayers That Turn Around Hidden Ordinances Written Against Your Name Rev. Paul Johnson Seadey 25:09
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